The Benefits of Contract Sewing with Core Products International, Inc.

When you need a contract sewing manufacturer to bring your design to life, there are many options available. Choosing the right contract sewing partner requires careful evaluation and may depend on several factors including the volume and frequency of your order(s), the complexity of your design, and other considerations.

Core Products has been in business since 1988, manufacturing our own line of products and offering our manufacturing expertise to contract sewing clients across a wide range of industries. To effectively serve our customers, there are three core benefits we focus on.

1. Manufacturing Quality

Core Products has steadfastly committed to quality since we began manufacturing our own product line that includes orthopedic supports and pillows, hot and cold therapy products, professional massage equipment, and more. Our products are widely recognized as “best in class” and we extend satisfaction guarantees to all customers.

That commitment to quality also extends to our contract manufacturing and industrial sewing services. We have decades of experience in this area and specialize in industrial cutting and sewing using the same dedicated staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and rigorous quality control processes we use to manufacture our own products.

We adhere to an internationally recognized quality management system that enables us to work efficiently, maintain control over the manufacturing process, understand and meet customer needs, and deliver quality products. Our experience, resources, and staff allow us to deliver quality orders of large volume and units of high complexity.

2. Reliable Delivery

Our manufacturing facilities can fulfill high volume orders quickly – think thousands of units. And our domestic location shortens lead times and makes order delivery economical. Working with international contract sewing partners results in longer lead times, and even business disruption of supply chain or shipping issues arise. Partnering with a local, U.S. based manufacturer can help avoid these issues.

3. Relationship Focused

Our relationship focused approach to business starts with our employees and radiates outward. We are an employee-owned business that gives every team member credit for the value they create. This helps to motivate our team to outperform competitors because every business victory is a shared experience.

This personal approach to our team translates to our customers as well. We want to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that deliver value to our clients. With years of experience delivering services to clients from a wide range of industries, we possess the skills needed to fulfill orders of high quality accurately and on-time.

Beyond our manufacturing capabilities, we strive to create a responsive, communicative customer experience with all clients to keep them in the loop no matter where they are in the manufacturing process.